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Steven Komez Plays ranked: 50*, 75*, 100*, 200*, 300*, 400*, 500*, 1000*, 5000*, 10000*, 25000*
These are my personal elite level selections .. They are called "Private" plays because you cannot and will not find them anywhere else .. They are exclusive plays, 1-2 per week that I spend the majority of my time on and even though they are quite expensive the price will be more than justified in the results .. You will not get this quality and performance from any other service or capper in the world today, GUARANTEED! Sound too good to be true? Check out my record and plays since releasing this club in May of 2011 .. I have compiled a better then 75% record which is unheard of in the industry .. Admit it if there was anyone better then you wouldn’t be here! .. Each package has unprecedented incentives and no one EVER walks away without profit in their pockets .. If your looking for a club to take you to the next level or just make you that extra 2 or 3 incomes per year then this is the club for you!

Service for 1 Year!

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(EUROPEAN SOCCER/BASKETBALL/HANDBALL) .. Starting September 1rst - Aug 30th, Yearly!The Joker

BRONZE .. $100 / SILVER .. $250 / GOLD .. $500 / Season/Year $5,000

Recommended:$500+ Player

VIP single purchase play guarantee: Only pay if you win!
Note: You must purchase one upfront game to qualify for this guarantee!

Higher stakes wagering for the investment minded! .. The only European Soccer/Basketball/Handball capper in the North American market!
If 'The Ace's' Personal VIP Club is a tad out of your budget or your just looking to add another side income to your arsenal of winners then this is the place to be!
These are my private plays which are deeply researched with both trends, statistics and a lot of my gut feeling which is my fortay.
This Club will give you 1-5 plays per month to give you the satisfaction of selectively building your bankroll with only the best plays available!
This package is 100% guaranteed and single play purchases are on a Pay After you Win basis!
What other capper will offer you such a guarantee!?

Join me and let us succeed together!

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The Ascension(NBA/MLB) .. Starting NBA Season 2013/2014!!

BRONZE .. $100 / SILVER $250 / GOLD $500 / Season (NBA or MLB) $3,000
Recommended .. $500+ Player
VIP single purchase play guarantee: Only pay if you win!
Note: You must purchase one upfront game to qualify for the guarantee!

It is finally HERE folks! Anthony Kim's VIP selections .. The CLUB all you dedicated Anthony Kim die hard's have been waiting for!

The NBA/MLB VIP Club brings you the very best straight up and over/under plays.
Even if you haven't yet heard of Anthony Kim's proven reputation your simply missing out if your not taking advantage.
These selectively chosen plays, 1-5 plays per month are backed up with thorough, deep and very extended re-search.
These plays are the most UNIQUE plays in the business.
Never was winning on NBA and MLB matches so simple and easy, not to mention the best bang for your buck in the industry! 
This package is 100% guaranteed so you ALWAYS walk away with profits in your pocket.

Rise and never fall with The Ascension !!!!!!!!!  

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